Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Amilcar's daily driver

Why do I draw cars?  By drawing a car I will take in the essence.   I will learn every fender shape and every trim detail.  More importantly I get to meet the owner, who may have a story about the car, putting it all in context for me.  This particular car is the 1965 Chevy II.  The owner has a strong passion for car restoration and I feel that is important to share with you.

Do you know the feeling of sticking to a project no matter how many steps it takes to complete?  Most people can relate to this at some point in their lives.  For example, lots of people have taken on the goal of building a scale model.  Going start to finish on a complicated scale model can put some hurdles in your way.  During the project you may have to learn new skills like painting or shaping.   Or maybe you will visit an expert to get advice.  These are the type of adjustments a person will make along the journey of restoring a full size classic car.

When you finish and step back, what do you have?  The product or finished car is a shinning example of a thorough job.  For a life time you will remember your path to achievement and your new skills are forever.  That is a great result. 

I believe the world would be a better place if every person that took on a positive project, accomplished it.  However not every person has achieved their goals.  Knowing that makes sharing an accomplishment very important.   You can inspire more people to do the same.  To inspire others and show them what is possible will lead us all in the right direction.

The car I drew this week is dedicated to a person that represents the sprit of sticking to a project no matter how many steps.  Amicar is a good friend and his zeal for 60's classic cars is contagious.  By drawing this car, I learned more about the car, the owner, and the process of restoring a car to original.

How can a person convey, illustrate or story tell, the journey of car restoration to another person?  Just ask Amicar a question, he will answer it with what feels like the same attention to detail that it took to restore the car.  He takes the time to explain out all the steps necessary to accomplish the goal.  That is a good vibe to be around and a good influence on my drawings.  Enjoy.