Monday, July 16, 2012

Drawing cars at local car shows: Weekly

In the last few weeks I have visited as many local town car shows as I could.  I made it a goal to draw at least one car per show.  So I bring a sketch pad to the shows, walk around, and find a car that interests me.

I scanned a few of these drawings and posted them on Facebook.  The responses were good... so I decided to continue by doing at least one car or vehicle drawing per week and post it up on this blog.

Below is the first wave of drawings done in the last month or so.   Some of the scans are better than others.

My girlfriend Jess asked me to draw this 50's Skylark for her at the Northern Valley -Demarest High School car show.  The owner was so nice and stayed extra time to let me add some more details.

Next is a 1954 Chevy seen at the..  well at the time of writing this I don't remember the name of the town.  Anyway, the grill, look at that grill.  It was this show that I met some encouraging fans of my work.  I have kept in touch with them and we are working on an experimental drawing of a modified car.  I will post up when ready.

Ahhh the sweet and elusive Alfa Romeo Spider.  This car struck a cord in my heart as I owned one as a young man.  Sure it didn't work and needed a full restoration, but it was the first time I got my hands on a real live PininFarina designed car.  I was in love.  I lost the car due to bad timing and lack of resources.  Seeing this car at the Livingston, NJ car show, brought it all back.

I told the owner the story and he had a pretty good story too.  He was an Italian factory trained mechanic for Alfa Romeo.  He has been there and done that, rebuilding many of these cars over the years.  I kept the drawing just to scan it but would like to give the original to him if I meet him again.

This 1952 MG is as pretty and handsome as a large white rose.  Imagine that.  I did.
I sat in the shade for about 2 hours at the River Edge, NJ car show.  The owner and his friends showed me lots of encouragement as I drew.  We are still in touch and I may draw his other project car soon.  Check out the louvers on the engine cover.

And here is the photo of the real car:

Well that’s it for now.  This week I will do another drawing and post up around Sunday night.  Hopefully I will keep this up.  My goal is to post at least one car or vehicle drawing per week.  Please add a comment even if it is small.  And thank you for looking.

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  1. The details on the 1952 MG is amazing, I actually saw one this past Sunday at a gas station in Carlstadt NJ but I did not know what kind of car it was nor did I get a good look at it. So I was stoked to see that drawing, now I know what I saw that day. It is abeautifull car and this drowing of it does it great justice. Thanks Ron, keep it up...!