Monday, July 16, 2012

1979 BMW R65

Hello friends and fans,

As you may know I have a life long interest in everything automotive and mechanical related.  It has been a journey.  In this blog I will share my ideas, projects, drawings and photos.

To start I have posted up a pencil drawing I did of my girlfriend's uncle's bike.  I sat for about 6 hours to do this one.  The bike is a 1979 BMW R65.  The details are so fun.

Take a look at the very special cylinder heads. BMW bikes are unique as they have horizontally opposed cylinder engines, just like Porsche’s, old Beatles, and Subees. The purpose is to lower the center of gravity. They hang out to the side, just as imposing as a WW2 radial engine on a plane.  The engine case looks like an aluminum suit case. Very slick indeed.  Thanks for looking.  -Ron Grosinger


  1. What an incredible drawing, one can trully apreciate the magnificent details of this drawing. Time well spend ron...!

  2. Ron, These drawings are terrific! And I don't know cars at all. But I do remember the '54 Chevy our family had (didn't have the souped up grill, though. I am impressed with the blog. It is great and I will look forward to each week's new drawing!