Sunday, March 31, 2013

Low, Ride, Er

is little higher.  (trumpets) da do da do da dup do!...   duh do da duh dupe doo. (fade the music out)

The attitude of this car caught my attention right away.  Its the type of car I dreamt about when I was a young kid in 4th grade class.  There I was...  you know, sitting there in those wooden desks.  I must have been so bored.  Just then an opportunity to escape would arrive   The teacher passed back dittos, I would turn it over and draw large circles.  Those circles would form the foundation of a wheel that a vehicle can sit on.  The body was secondary, only function would matter.  I needed a motor and wheels.  To show this, I would stack the biggest engine parts to show the potential.  Look here, as I dug up one of my old drawings.  This must have been around 3rd or 4th grade:

So while I was busy doing that, my teacher was failing me for not doing the assignments.   She did not know that 25 years later I would see a similar style car at a car show.  Sit and draw that car.  and then reminis about how drawing and working on cars has paid off for me all these years.  Silly teacher.  She was just doing what she was told.  Teach 4th grade.  No car drawings.  I understand.  For the rest of us...  that don't follow the rules...  I can tell you this.  Breaking the rules paid off for most of us and is part of life.  Even if it is as simple as drawing a Hot Rod.

Bill Lay of Lucky Lay's Speed Shop, built the car.  I must thank him as this car really brought me back to some great memories.  The beginning of my passion for car design.  Take a look at the car.

Here is the interior:

Thanks for reading.  I know I haven't posted a drawing in a few months.  I am working to change that by getting back to weekly drawings.  However bi-weekly may be more realistic.  Either way I do enjoy drawing cars and writing about them.  Hope you enjoy reading about these posts.

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  1. This car is really awesome and the story is really very interesting, i have enjoyed. Many thanks for sharing this. Thanks for sharing this great post.

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  2. I really liked this one :) the car is pretty beautiful and that story you put was inspiring

  3. Awesome drawing , its really a honor to have you as mentor to my brother, thnx

  4. Hello Ron,
    We met at the River Edge Show last year (I think) and you were sketching my Zipper Lakes Modified Roadster (with the ALFA V6)
    Did you ever finish the rendering? I'd love to see it.
    Please send me an email if you did. Thanks hank. (I really like this car by the way) Email to

    1. Thanks, I will finish up the drawing of you car soon.