Thursday, November 7, 2013

Drawing of a 1929 Chevrolet

This is a drawing of a 1929 Chevrolet.

At first, I didn't have much to say about this one...  I did enjoy getting back to drawing cars.  I haven't drawn a car from observation in a while.  Yes...  I know, I have not lived up to the title of my blog...  "Ron Grosinger's Weekly Car Drawings".  So I changed the word "Weekly," in the title to "Occasional."  Not that I plan on drawing less...  just being more realistic about how often.  Wow, who really cares about the title anyway!  Ok...  lets talk about this car...

I loves these cars...  they seeeemmmm, familiar to me.  As if I'm at home, surrounded by the stuff I keep.  A couch, a coat, a closet filled.  When I look at this car, I see the shapes of daily life.  The metal, the wood, and fabric parts, are a familiar comfort.  This may have been the designers intention.  If so, imagine the designers amazing command of material to pull that off.  To be able to form metal into something agreeable.  One mistaken line and the car could look like a disregarded refrigerator door.  Ooh that's bad.  No this car is better.  At the very least it can carry people to their destination.  At its best, this car can carry a persons imagination.  OK...    Lets look at the car together, I will show you what I mean starting with the roof.

The roof of this car reads as a cover.  Cover from rain, sunlight, wind.  The basics...  now lets look at how it covers.  I need an analogy.  I imagine the square shape of the roof to fit like a shinny black top hat.  Made of hard leather, it has a snug fit.  A handsome look.

Now the cabin...  Its narrow.  Basic, no climate control, no bucket seats.  This is more like a movie theater.  Just what you need to sit and watch...  with popcorn of course.  Classic comfort.  A soft bench seat, no head rest.  You are sitting mostly upright, a slight recline.  The car doesn't speed over 80MPH like a modern car can.  So you don't need jet fighter bucket seats with harnesses ( seat belts).  This ride is less about speed and more about a space for socializing with your passengers.  I guess the closest analogy I can think of would be to compair this to a cabin in the woods with no cable TV( or intenet).  Boardgames are the entertainment on wood floors.  That is it.  A space with no internet, no TV, just drive and enjoy the human experience.  The seanery, the people.  The sound of the engine gargling.

Suit up!   Next I will talk about the body of the car.  If I were wearing the body of this car as my clothes, soft raggy overalls comes to mind, BUT with a shirt and tie...  maybe for a costume, just for fun.  Its warm and comfortable.  Did you ever see a black and white photo of an iron worker in a suit and tie?..  yeah that kind.  The clothes can pass for dress and work.  One step above jeans and two below a tux.  If you can imagine that.  lol!

Now for the attachments.  The lights and the door handles.  They all seem to be add-on's from other industries, each having their own elegance.  You know, the way a pocket watch clips to a vest.  Even when the watch is off the vest, the craftsmanship can be cherished on its own.  The lights resemble a person wearing round spectacles.  The kind John Lennon wore.  Being a separate part from the car, these lights seem to be one evolution past a hand held lantern.  They have a light of their own, so to speak.

I could go on and on about the parts...  however the main concept I am talking about is the visual language.  Through this car...  I can see familiar objects and places.  A classic movie theater, a worn in suit.  You get the idea.  Well that is it for now, time to rap this up...

I been a car lover for a long time...  about as long as I been alive.  And this car was built 48 years before I was born.  I find it just amazing how these designers use shapes to communicate with me across time.  I can feel the effort they went through to do so.

Thanks for reading...  Hope you enjoyed.

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A few things I would like to point out.  Did yo notice the spare tire?  It has a two part rim.  The outer rim that mounts to the tire... and the inner rim that bolts to the axle hub.  On the spare is only the outer rim.

Look at this bumper...  it is a similar design to the modern Jeep Wrangler.  It is a spring!

Robust inline 6 cylinder.

Leaf springs mounted in the front with live axles and drum brakes.

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